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Fund business

Fund Business 

For institutional investors, we set up institutional real estate fund with attractive distribution yields that invest in core properties on Germany’s commercial real estate market. The commitments focus on office and retail real estate in major cities and regional economic centres. We generally participate as co-investors by committing an equity interest between 5% and 10% in the funds, while making our real estate management know-how and investment expertise available to the investors as a service provider.

By 30 June 2018, the fund volume under our management had grown to c. 1.8 billion euros.


Overview DIC real estate funds
(as at 30.06.2018)

in EUR million Target volume Target yield Status Launch
DIC Office Balance I 400–450 c. 6.0%  Management phase 2010
DIC HighStreet Balance 200–250 c. 5.0% Management phase/Sold 2012
DIC Office Balance II 300–350 4.5-5.0%   Management phase 2014
DIC Office Balance III c. 330 4.5-5.0%  Management phase 2015
DIC Office Balance IV c. 240 4.5-5.0%  Investment
DIC Retail Balance I c. 250 c. 5.0% Investment
DIC Office Balance V 350–400 4.0-4.5% Investment




Investment volume of fund business
(in EUR billion, as at 30.06.2018)